Thursday, April 9, 2009

The City

A few weekends ago the weather was fantastic and we went to the city for the day with Dallan and Kirsten, who i should add bella thinks are her aunt and uncle. We went exploring all over, it was great! I had never seen that much of the city before. Whenever we have gone before it has been to a museum or to pier 39, which is fantastic, but there is so much to see and it's only 45 minutes away so why not go??

We started at twin peaks, then worked our way over to the botanical gardens which dont look the way they sound lol the japanese tea gardens were really close by so we walked over to them and got some great pictures. Oh by the way our digital camera has finally kicked the bucket...thanks bella! So we are using film again and of course havent gotten anything developed...not really on the top of my list! I do, however have pictures from my phone of bella at the cheesecake factory.....

We ended our day at the cheesecake factory, we came up from the parking garage and were right in the middle of a free tibet demonstration...literally. we came up from the parking garage right onto the stage! how in the world?? no one really took notice of least i pretended they didnt take notice!

We sat down to eat dinner and bella fell in love with the butter. Not something she has in her diet on a regular basis. She started just eating the bread with the butter on it...then dipped the bread in the butter and licked it off and eventually just licked the butter off of the wrapper it was in. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!! check her out....

Thank heaven for dvd players in the van!


Cristin said...

I love seeing those pictures of Bella - she is so big!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Wow Bella has really grown up quick! She is still cute and adorable!!!

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